A mine, said to contain gold, was opened in this township. Specimens of the ore were displayed in Pottstown in 1831.


Maps & Plans

General Maps and Plans

FEMA Flood Plain Maps

FEMA Flood Plain Maps can be obtained through the official FEMA Map Service Center, located online at  FEMA has worked with Google Earth™ to afford additional views of the same information.  New Hanover Township recommends the "Stay Dry" application to obtain specific information based on your address.

NHT Floodplain Map

This map has an overlay of FEMA's floodplain designations on our parcel map and correlates directly to the designations in Section 8-402, Floodplain Conservation District.

NHT Soils and Hydrology Map

NHT Roads and Open Space Map

NHTA Collection System Map

Zoning Map

Zoning Map with Floodplain Conservation District

Parks and Recreation Maps and Plans

NHT Bicycle and Pedestrian Trails Map Master Plan

NHT Comprehensive Parks Map

NHT Parks, Recreation and Open Space Master Plan

Traffic Signal/Infrastructure Improvement Plans

The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania affords local municipalities to plan for and assess development fees based on Act 209. Completing this study identifies the current and future needs within the community, and the maps/plans below provide the current Act 209 Plan, as well as projects based on its study.

Act 209 Plan

It includes three components: a Land Use Assumptions Report, a Roadway Sufficiency Analysis and a Capital Improvements Plan.

SR 73/663 (South) Plan

We are set to begin contruction for this project with a completion date by the end of 2020.