Swamp isn’t “Swampy.” The historical name for the village that lies at the intersection of Swamp Pike and Rt. 663 (North Charlotte Street) was “Swamp,” an English corruption of the German Schwam—for meadows, lowlands.


Voting and Polling Places

Montgomery County's Voter Services Office is responsible for the election process in the county.  We've provided a summary of the department and link to their website for more information below.  

Voter Services maintains and updates the voter registration records of Montgomery County which currently number over 540,000 eligible voters. This includes tracking relevant information changes of individual voters by coordinating efforts with the United States Postal Service, PennDOT, the Pennsylvania Department of State, and other counties in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. In addition, the Voter Services Office, under the County's Board of Elections, manages elections, establishes polling sites, prints ballots, programs voting machines, processes absentee ballots and maintains candidates' filings of campaign expense reports. 
  • New Hanover 1 - New Hanover United Methodist Church-North Campus (former YMCA bldg.), 3065 North Charlotte Street, Gilbertsville
  • New Hanover 2 - New Hanover Lutheran Church, 2941 Lutheran Road, Gilbertsville
  • New Hanover 3 - New Hanover Volunteer Fire & Rescue Station, 2154 Swamp Pike, Gilbertsville