Copper mines along Ludwig Road were in operation as early as 1728.

Stormwater BMP Maintenance


Verizon Franchise Agreement - The BOS approved a five-year agreement with Verizon during its meeting on May 6, 2021.  The final document is being signed and will be provided when completed.

The following bridge improvements are scheduled, updated schedule is not available at this time - 1-12-2021.

      Improvement Schedule
Owner Identification Location Work Scheduled Duration
Montgomery County Bridge #163 Lutheran Road 2020/2021 6 months
Montgomery County Bridge #207 Ludwig Road Summer 2020 6 months
PennDOT Bridge #16293 New Hanover Square Road March 2021 12 months
PennDOT Bridge #16741 North Charlotte Street/Swamp Pike December  2020 6 months
Montgomery County Bridge #172 Swamp Pike (Our Place Bridge) Spring 2022 1 year
Montgomery County Bridge #166 Swamp Pike/NH Square Road Summer 2021 5 months