Up until about 1850, every church had its parochial school beside it. The school house of the Swamp Reformed Church (Leidy Road and Swamp Pike) was demolished about 1955.


Meeting Schedule

Board of Supervisors
1st Thursday @ 6:30 PM
2943 North Charlotte Street

Month  Day  Note
January  3 Reorganization Meeting
February  2 Public Meeting
March 2 Public Meeting
April 6 Public Meeting
May 4 Public Meeting
June 1 Public Meeting
  15 Public Meeting 
August 3 Public Meeting
September 7 Public Meeting
   23 Public Meeting Road Inspection
October 5 Public Meeting
November 8 Public Meeting
December 7 Public Meeting

Environmental Advisory Board
2nd Monday @ 6:30 PM
2943 North Charlotte Street

New Hanover Township Authority
3rd Wednesday @ 6:30 PM
2943 N. Charlotte Street

Parks and Recreation Committee
1st Wednesday @ 6:30 PM
2943 North Charlotte Street

Planning Commission
2nd Wednesday @ 6:30 PM
Additional meetings as needed
2943 North Charlotte Street

Zoning Hearing Board
Scheduled as Needed @ 6:30 PM
2943 North Charlotte Street