Did You Know:

In 1755, Hans Christopher Christiansen instituted services for the first public water works in America at Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. In 1772, the state of Rhode Island chartered two private water delivery companies in Providence. New York City initially used private wells as its main water source. As the city grew, however, these wells became fouled. In 1799, New York State Assemblyman Aaron Burr (later U.S. vice-president) proposed legislation creating the Manhattan Company. Although this legislation was intended to provide a new source of water supply for the city, it also allowed for any unspent money to be used to create a bank. Burr’s main purpose was the creation of the Manhattan Bank, the forerunner of the Chase Manhattan Bank. The company pursued its banking interests, but it neglected its water-related responsibilities. It was only in 1842 that New York City officials, after considerable study, brought an ample supply of water to the city from the Croton River. 

NHT Authority Board

The New Hanover Township Authority is the owner and financier of the Wastewater Treatment Facility and the Sanitary Sewage Collection System for New Hanover Township. The Authority's Board is a five member, staggered term Authority authorized by the Authorities Act of 1945 of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Meetings are held at the Municipal Building, 2943 North Charlotte Street, Gilbertsville, PA 19525-9718 at 6:30 PM on the 3rd Wednesday of the month. Click here for full calendar of meetings

Current Authority Board Members

Duties and Responsibilities of the New Hanover Township Sewer Authority:

  • Provides and owns the wastewater treatment facility and the sanitary sewer collection system and leases same to New Hanover Township for operation and management.
  • Provides the Authority’s vision for an innovative and resilient sewage collection and treatment enterprise revolutionizing the recovery of valuable resources for sustainable communities.
  • Coordinates with New Hanover Township on the appropriate treatment scenarios and engineering protocols for best long-term utilization of the sanitary sewer plant and the collection system.
  • Finance all upgrades and expansions of the sanitary treatment facility and the collection system.
  • Provides oversight of the operation and maintenance of the plant and collection system.

New Hanover Township Sewer Authority

2990 Fagleysville Road 
Gilbertsville, PA 19525 
Phone: 610-754-6432 
Fax: 610-754-1492 
Hours: Monday-Thursday 8:00AM – 3:00PM+

For Billing Questions

Michele Smith
Finance Director
E-mail: msmith@newhanover-pa.org
Phone: 610-323-1008  ext. 105
Fax: 610-323-5173

Superintendent: Kirt Michaels

E-mail: kmichaels@newhanover-pa.org
Phone: 610-323-1008 ext. 406
Fax: 610-754-1492+