Native Americans lived along most streams of New Hanover for at least 10,000 years.

Public Works

Road Maintenance

This page will include announcements on our Road Improvement Plan - which roads we will be resurfacing along with the method used and the timeline for improvements. All dates are weather permitting


  • Church Road "Rt. 73 to Reifsnyder Road
  • Reifsnyder Road
  • Middle Creek Road "Rt. 73 to Ludwig Road
  • Rosenberry Road "Swamp Pike to Romig Road

 Chip Seal

  • Schaffer Road
  • Kulp Road
  • Hill Road
  • Parestis Road
  • Swinging Bridge Road

Fog Seal

  • Windy Hill Road
  • Hidden Lane
  • Owl Court
  • Breezy Court
  • Martin Drive
  • Weller Court
  • Liberty Bell Drive

Road Side Spray

Only areas to be sprayed are those inaccessible to mechanical means.  Residents who do not want the Township’s right of way sprayed with herbicide must notify Jay Kowal, Public Works Director. You will be required to maintain that area yourselves. If you do not maintain this area the Public Works or Code Enforcement Department will notify you.

Pothole Procedure

November to April: We use cold patch at $110.00 per ton. The cold patch is a temporary fix that is then replaced once the Blacktop plant opens. There are times the cold patch comes out due to the rain and freezing/ thawing that forces the patch material to come out.

April to October: We use Hot Blacktop at $50.00 per ton. This is a permanent patch.  We have to remove all the cold patch from the potholes and refill them with the hot blacktop. As well as any new potholes.

It takes 5 guys to fill a pothole, a driver, 2 rake, 1 lute and 1 plate whacker. We are only able to order a minimum of 5 tons of black top and need to use it that day before it cools down.  Once there are enough potholes reported to take a half day or full day of work we fix them. It is a slow moving operation and it takes time to cover the whole township. We are not able to fill potholes that have water in them. While potholes are reported, we continue to do other work in the township such as mulching, tree trimming and parks and recreation projects.