The first fire company in New Hanover was the “Fagleysville Fire Company” established about 1920 - it burned soon thereafter.

Public Works

Maintenance Request

Maintenance Request for Layfield Road, 663 and Swamp Pike

New Hanover Township is not responsible for maintaining the following roads: Layfield Road, 663 and Swamp Pike. To report any maintenance request please use the following information.

 The following state highways are maintained by PennDOT.

  • Layfield and North Charlotte Street
  • Route 663 and Big Road (Route 73)

PennDOT Contact Information: 1-800-Pot-hole

 The following county roads are maintained by the County.

  • Swamp Pike
  • Sections of Kulp Road, Deep Creek Road and Henning Road

 Montgomery County Roads and Bridges Contact Information: 610-278-3613

This is our maintenance request page if you would like to provide input into what needs to be completed in the township.  Please note the requests are sent directly to the Public Works Director, who will follow up with you once your request is received.

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