Copper mines along Ludwig Road were in operation as early as 1728.

Pool Membership Registration Form

Hickory Park Pool is scheduled to open on Saturday, May 25th and close on Sunday, September 1, 2024.
If you are interested in purchasing a pool pass,  here is the  Pool Membership Application .
Register by May 1st to receive four weekday passes for your guests with a family membership for four people.
The issuance of passes depends on the number of members in the membership.
We would love to hear what you want to see this summer.
Please email Sharon at with any ideas.

Thinking of swim lessons for your child in 2024, check out the following offerings:

Group 1: Water Safety and Acclimation 
Skill level: very little to no practice in water
Goals: In this group we are trying to introduce children who cannot swim to basic safety skills around water and get them used to the water. This includes what to do if they fall in, being comfortable in and around water, floating on their back, some swimming for short distances, comfortably putting heads and faces underwater, and using the wall to get to safety.  

Group 2: Water endurance
Skill level: is comfortable in the water and can swim for short distances.
Goals: This group is trying to help children build up endurance and practice basic swimming skills for extended periods of time. This includes practices with treading, swimming for longer distances (across the pool short ways or long for more advanced children) on front and back, floating on backs, getting sink toys from waist to chest deep water. Basic water safety will still be taught. 

Group 3: Intro to swim strokes (second session only)
Skill level: can swim the length of the pool or close to it, is comfortable treading water, is comfortable in the deep end.
Goals: This group is going to focus on teaching freestyle, backstroke, and side swimming. Practice in treading will also be done and there will still be a focus on increasing endurance in the water. Diving will also be taught.
Please note: This group will be in the deep end of the pool (9 feet)