Hickory Park was a small building constructed about 1920 as an “oil station.” It had a gas pump and sold gasoline, oil, and automobile tires.

Cold In-place Recycling

We are pleased to advise that road improvements are scheduled to take place on Hill Road beginning on June 14.  Click here for more details.

There are two important dates you need to be aware of as we complete these improvements:
 -        June 14 – Recon Construction will be performing the CIR process on behalf of the Township.  This is the first part of the road project.
 -        June 25 – Public Works will add a 2-inch overlay of blacktop on top of the CIR.  This is the second part of the road project.

Hill Road will be closed off to the public during our process, but you will be able to access it as needed.  Please note our timeline may change depending upon the weather at that time. 

If you have any questions, contact Dennis Flynn, our Public Works Director, at 610-323-1008 ext. 302 or at