The Township Planning Commission is composed of five members, appointed as
provided by law, 53 P.S. §10202, is hereby created in and for the Township. The
Planning Commission shall perform all duties and may exercise all powers conferred
by law upon Township planning agencies; provided, the Planning Commission
previously created in and for the said Township shall constitute the tenure of any of the
members thereof, but any and all vacancies in the said Commission, hereafter
occurring, shall be filled in the manner and for the term provided in the law governing
Township planning commissions in effect at the time of the happening of the said

The Planning Commission is composed of a Chairperson and Vice Chairperson and three additional members.

Current members

Susan Smith – Chairman
Kurt Zebrowski – Vice Chair
Michael Millman
Scott Rath

W. Boone Flint

The township is actively searching for an interested township resident to serve on this commission.