RECREATION CENTER:  2373 Hoffmansville Road, Frederick, PA  19435  (610)652-2720.  The Recreation Center houses the Recreation Department, and is also available for rentals.


Hickory Park:  2140 Big Road, Gilbertsville – Amenities:  Swimming Pool, Concession Stand, Pavilion Rentals, Grills, Playground, Volleyball, Fishing & Barrel Ball.  (Horseshoes – you must bring your own.)

Swamp Creek Park:  3179 Reifsnyder Road, Gilbertsville – Amenities:  Model Airplane Flying, Walking Trail (.8 miles), Historical School House, Small Playground & Dog Friendly.

NHT Community Park:  2766 Gail Drive, Gilbertsville – Amenities:  Barn Rental, Baseball/Softball Field, Basketball Court, Frisbee Golf, Hockey Court, Walking Trail, Pavilion Rental, Picnic Tables, Grills & Playground.

Pleasant Run Park:  600 Schultz Road, Perkiomenville – Amenities:  Fishing Pond & Park Benches.

Deep Creek Park:  Deep Creek Road (North of Pleasant Run Park), Perkiomenville – Amenities:  Trails, Bird Watching & Picnic Tables.

Windlestrae Park:  132 Chalet Road, Gilbertsville – Amenities:  Small Playground.


Gambone Complex:  132 Chalet Road, Gilbertsville – Amenities:  Two Football Fields.  (Leased to Optimists of Boyertown Football)

Middle Creek:  Dotterer Road, Gilbertsville – Amenities:  Baseball Field & Two Soccer Fields.  (Leased to Pine Forge & Boyertown Soccer)

Layfield Park:  Dotterer Road, Gilbertsville – Amenities:  Three Soccer Fields.  (Leased to Boyertown Soccer)

Recreation Center Fields:  2373 Hoffmansville Road, Frederick – Amenities:  Three Lacrosse Fields.  (Leased to Optimists of Boyertown Lacrosse)


Kurtz:  Near Pruss Hill & Kurtz Road, Schwenksville – 8.97 Acres

Parestis:  2023 Little Road, Perkiomenville – 18.04 Acres

Rosenberry:  Rosenberry Road, Gilbertsville – 17.53 Acres

Wassmer:  Dotterer Road, Gilbertsville – 64.55 Acres

Hunter’s Run:  Fairbrook Drive, Gilbertsville – 10.63 Acres – Amenity:  Small Playground & Picnic Table.