Regular Meetings

6:30 p.m.
2rd Tuesday of each month

Township Building
2943 North Charlotte Street
Gilbertsville, PA 19525-971


Mike Millman
Kevin Welch
Edward Swagzdis
Ross Snook

Board of Supervisor Liaison

Mission Statement

The New Hanover Township Environmental Advisory Board invites residents who are concerned about the environment in which we live to join us. The Environmental Advisory Board (EAB) was established in 1987 to assist your elected Board of Supervisors on matters concerning environmental planning, legislation and public education.

The mission of the EAB is to identify various environmental concerns impacting New Hanover Township, which include, but are not limited to water, air, land, noise and light pollution. Based on community needs and input, the EAB evaluates waste disposal and recycling programs, promotes the preservation of natural resources and educates the community regarding environmental matters. We also review all development plans and provide input to the Board of Supervisors regarding potential negative environmental impacts.

The Environmental Advisory Board has been commissioned by the township to:

  • Promote awareness in the community.
  • Identify environmental problems and recommend solutions to the township board.
  • Seek suggestions and solutions from the community to solve environmental issues.

Toward this goal we offer the following thoughts:

We as the residents of this Big Beautiful Ball called Earth have been given the responsibility of stewardship. We must not pass on our world to our future generations, with foul air, filthy water, a dead ocean. We can’t pass on an earth even just a little worse than that which was given to us. Our goal must be to give the future a future.We can’t change the world, but we can make small changes in our day to day lives.

This is the goal of the Environmental Advisory Board. We are the Environmental conscience of the Township. We ask that YOU, the owners of New Hanover Township, guide us in this effort with your input, suggestions, and yes, criticism. We don’t know all the answers, but we are learning the questions.

Your E.A.B.

Stormwater Management

Yard Waste Composting

Leaves Drop Off Site

Hetrick Gardens
2620 Swamp Pike, Pottstown, PA


Residents must register at office each time they drop off materials – PLEASE arrive one-half hour prior to closing time.  Accepting tree stumps 12″ diameter or smaller; larger stumps accepted for a fee.   Non-residents and contractors may also drop off yard waste for a fee.

Sample of Past and Present Projects

Contributing to the New Hanover Township publication “The Harbinger”
Participation in New Hanover’s “Fall Frolic”.
Deep Creek Park clean-up
Hosting Deep Creek Park nature walks
Perkiomen Watershed Conservancy stream clean-up
Hickory Park riparian buffer
Watershed Congress
Pennsylvania Environmental Advisory Council (EAC) Conference
MS4 implementation and monitoring

Links EAC-Handbook- web.pdf