New Hanover Township Administration offices are open daily from 8:30 AM until 4:30 PM. The staff is dedicated and trained to assist all residents with township issues. The staff is more than willing to assist you with zoning and building permits.

CODIFIED CODE – Available on line – follow link below:

In addition, The office is composed of:

Township Manager:                                                                                                                             Jamie Gwynn


Administrative Assistant:

Eileen Pogany

Administrative Assistant for Codes:

Lynda Jackmore

Finance Officer:

Kaleena Breitbarth

Codes Officer/Zoning Officer:

James Wozniak

In 1741 New Hanover and Upper Hanover were divided into two separate and official townships. The area divided was still in the County of Philadelphia. Montgomery County was formed from Philadelphia County in 1784. This political subdivision was probably initiated by the expanding population in both Philadelphia and Montgomery County areas. Another probable cause was the long journey and the slow means of travel.

From 1800 to 1950, the population of New Hanover Township remained fairly constant. The people of the area made their living by farming or by working in the factories in Boyertown, Pottstown, or the Pennsburg area. Beginning around 1960 a growing population moved into the New Hanover area. Where farmers once tilled their fields, housing developments sprang up almost as fast as the farmers’ crops. From 1960 to 1990, the population almost doubled. Today only a handful of farms remain active and the people commute to King of Prussia, Philadelphia, Reading, and some as far away as New York City to earn a living.

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