Schwammer Thor —Swamp Door” the ancient name for a narrow pass between giant boulders on the Swamp Pike near Schaffer Road.

Township Directory

Department Name First Name Last Name Profession Email Phone
Administration Jamie Gwynn Township Manager (610)-323-1008
Administration Eileen Pogany Administrative Assistant (610)-323-1008
Finance Mary Ann Nagel Finance Director (610)-323-1008
Parks and Recreation Connie Garner Parks and Recreation Director (610)-652-2720
Zoning James Wozniak Zoning Director (610)-323-1008
Zoning Lynda Jackmore Zoning Clerk (610)-323-1008
Public Works Dennis Flynn Public Works Director (610)-970-5530
New Hanover Township Authority Greg Rapp Superintendent (610)-754-6432
New Hanover Township Authority Shelly Sallade Administrative Assistant (610)-754-6432
Police Kevin McKeon Police Chief (610)-327-1150
Board of Supervisors Charles Garner Jr. Supervisor
Board of Supervisors Phil Agliano Chairman
Board of Supervisors Andrew Kelly Vice Chairman
Board of Supervisors Marie Livelsberger Treasurer
Board of Supervisors Kurt Zebrowski Supervisor
Finance Michele Smith Finance Clerk (610)-323-1008